Magic continues to intrigue people! Note the number of magical themed specials on television recently and the number of magicians performing in the Denver area. The Boulder Broker, Shorty's, La Cocina, No Excuses, Sweetwater, On the Border, Casa Bonita, Dave & Busters and Old Chicago all feature magicians. Close up magic is the most personal and exciting format. The magic happens right in their hands! No huge trick boxes or trap doors here! Entertainment for all ages! from humorous tricks for the kids to sophisticated gambling exposes for the adults, magic provides fun for everyone! For references, these are some of the companies that have engaged the services of the Mysterious Entertainment of LARUE: Old Chicago, NCAR, Colorado Cinemas, Pizza Hut, US West, Clear Bule Engineering, Dos Hombres, NOAA, McDonald's, Inovonics, Tucker International, Boulder County Services. What they say about the mysterious Entertainment of LaRue: Matthew J. Varner, Theatre Director. Dan Minardi, President Clear Blue Engineering, Becky Sisneros, Erin C. Collard, Details Bridal consultants.